Each customer is responsible for maintenance and repairs on their home’s plumbing, including pools and irrigation systems. BSU is responsible for the lines up to and including the backflow prevention device on the water service and your sewer cleanout in the road right-of-way for your sewer service.

Here are certain instances when you should call BSU before you contact a plumber:

  • Water meter malfunction, high bill, possible leak
  • Backflow prevention device dripping or damaged
  • Sewage back-up – you don’t know if it is in your plumbing or in the BSU maintained line

If in doubt, give us a call so we can advise you whether it’s an issue BSU can address.

Call BSU Customer Service at 239-992-0711.

BSU takes pride in providing safe, reliable water and wastewater utility service for customers. If there is a malfunction or issue with BSU equipment or infrastructure, then we will make it right.