Sun Village

Sun Village: Septic to Sewer Expansion

​​BSU and the City of Bonita Springs are working together to expand the wastewater collection/central sewer system in the Sun Village Estates neighborhood. This expansion includes the installation of gravity sewer mains; sanitary sewer manholes, service lines, and clean outs; sewer force mains; and a sewer pump station. Existing septic systems will be abandoned and homes will be connected to BSU’s central sewer system.

Typical Septic Conversion

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Advantages of Converting from Septic to Sewer

  • Water quality is slowly deteriorating in our area due in part to nutrient loading. Removing septic tanks will help limit nutrients going into the groundwater and areas such as the Imperial River.
  • One less thing to replace at your home. BSU will handle your wastewater. You will no longer be responsible for ensuring your septic tank and drain field are in good working order, pumping out your tank, or paying for a new system if it fails.
  • No fear of heavy rains and storms saturating your yard and drain field.
  • You “reclaim” the space (usually the front yard) where the septic tank and drain field were located. You can add trees, shrubs, or other features or home improvements.

Project Cost

This project has a reduced cost due to grant funds the State has awarded to the City to pay 50% of the construction cost. In addition, the City will pay 25% of the cost and BSU will also pay a part, so the ultimate installation cost to the homeowner is greatly reduced. The cost for a single-family home (equivalent residential connection) is as follows.

Lump Sum Monthly Payment
Collection System Special Service Charge $3,584 $17.11
Aid-to-New Construction (ANC) Fee* $3,925 $18.74
Total $7,509 $35.85

*The Aid-to-New-Construction (ANC) Fee is a payment for the wastewater treatment plant capacity you will use. The ANC Fee may change over time, and can be found in the Wastewater Tariff.

A monthly payment option is available to property owners. For more information, view the FAQs.

Project Timeline

To be determined.

Typical Construction