Sun Village: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost for a single-family home (equivalent residential connection)?
Lump Sum Monthly Payment
Collection System Special Service Charge $3,584 $17.11
Aid-to-New Construction (ANC) Fee* $3,925 $18.74
Total $7,509 $35.85

Duplex are considered two units and will be charged individually, as each unit requires its own connection to the wastewater collection system.

*The Aid-to-New-Construction (ANC) Fee is a payment for the wastewater treatment plant capacity you will use. The ANC Fee may change over time, and can be found in the Wastewater Tariff.

What is the interest rate for the monthly payment option?

The interest terms are 4% over 30 years.

How do I qualify for the monthly payment option?

To qualify for the monthly payment option, the property owner must execute a utility service lien. Financing is offered by BSU as a courtesy for a limited time. If a utility service lien and release form are not completed by the property owner, the property owner will be responsible for their own connection at their cost.

Why is the utility service lien necessary?

A lien is necessary only if you choose the monthly payment option. The lien will be recorded in the public records to ensure a buyer of the property is aware of the unpaid balance if you sell your home.

Is the payment transferable?

Yes, the payment obligation may be transferred to a new owner when they apply for service.

Can I make additional principal payments and/or pay off early?

Yes, you can make additional principal payments. However, please pay separately. DO NOT include an additional principal payment with your monthly bill.

How is the Special Service Charge applied?

The Special Service Charge is applied to your account beginning the month after your property is connected.

Will BSU connect my home’s plumbing to the wastewater collection system?

Yes, if you connect at the time of installation. The cost is included in the special service charge. If you do not connect at that time, you will be responsible for your own connection at your cost.

What is a “Release Form” and why do I need to sign it?

The Release Form gives BSU and its contractors the right to access your property to connect your home plumbing to the wastewater collection system and to abandon your septic system.

Why is the sewer expansion happening and am I required to connect?

The City of Bonita Springs has a water quality goal to identify properties serviced by septic systems and connect them to centralized wastewater collection and treatment system. The City secured grant funds to help pay for this construction and BSU will also pay a part so the ultimate installation cost to you is greatly reduced. Once available, connection to the wastewater system is required within one year by State law and City ordinance.

Where is the collection system going and how long will it take?

The main wastewater collection piping and manholes will be installed in the road with individual connections closely aligning where the house plumbing connects to the septic system. At project completion, properties and roadway will be restored to a pre-existing or improved condition. Construction is expected to take one year.