Request for Billing Adjustment

Water Tariff Section 26.0 – ADJUSTMENT OF BILLS – When a customer has been overcharged or undercharged as a result of incorrect application of the rate schedules, incorrect reading of the meter, incorrect connection of the meter, or other similar reasons, the amount may be credited or billed to the customer as the case may be. No adjustment shall be made to the base charge. The Company may refund or bill the Customer the amount billed/unbilled in error for one-half of the period since the last test, said one-half period not to exceed six (6) months; provided that, if it can be shown that the error was due to some cause the date of which can be identified, the adjustment will be based on that date. If meter does not register, or if no reading can be obtained, only current billing may be adjusted using an estimate of previous billings. In the event a customer provides acceptable documentation evidencing an extraordinary circumstance such as a pipe break or the filling of a swimming pool, the Company may take such information into account in calculating the monthly charge for wastewater service, and in determining the appropriate block water usage rate.