Pipe & Backflow Ownership

Backflow Pipes

Who fixes a sewer or water line leak at my property?

The answer depends on a few factors.

As a home or property owner, you’re responsible for maintenance and repairs on your home or property’s plumbing – including pools and irrigation systems.

BSU maintains the pipes up to, and including:

  • The backflow prevention device on your water service.
  • Your sewer cleanout near the property line.

Before you contact a plumber, call Customer Service if you:

  • Have a malfunctioning water meter.
  • Have an unusually high water bill.
  • Suspect there’s a leak outside of your home.
  • Have a backflow prevention device that is dripping or damaged.
  • Are experiencing sewage back-up and think it may be in the BSU-maintained line.

If there is a malfunction or issue with BSU equipment or infrastructure, we will make it right!
When in doubt, call Customer Service at 239-992-0711 to find out if BSU can help!