July is Smart Irrigation Month

Smart Irrigation Helps Conserve Water Year-Round

Did you know you can support the protection of Central and Southern Florida’s water resources by watering wisely and following local irrigation ordinances this season? 

MAKE EVERY DROP COUNT: July is Smart Irrigation Month – a designation designed to highlight the environmental benefits of efficient irrigation.

As temperatures rise in the summer, the demand for water to irrigate lawns, gardens and landscapes also increases. By doing your part and being water smart, you can help preserve our precious water resources now and for future generations.

DID YOU KNOW: Approximately 50 percent of residential water is used for irrigation?
A healthy landscape only needs 1 inch to 1.5 inches of water per week throughout the summer growing season. In the winter, when a lawn goes dormant, it requires even less.

Irrigation meter

OPTIMIZE YOUR WATER USE: We can all help ensure a more sustainable water supply by following these simple irrigation practices in and around our homes and property:
✅ Watch the weather, wait to water. ⛅
Check the forecast to see if rain is on the way before turning on your irrigation system. Avoid watering in the middle of the day, especially in warmer weather, when evaporation rates are highest.

✅ Keep your irrigation system in check. 💦 
Inspect your irrigation system frequently for leaks and overspray to conserve water.

✅ Install a rain sensor. 💧
This recognizes when nature provides the water your lawn needs and shuts off automatic sprinklers.

✅ Use drip or micro-irrigation systems. 🌱 
These systems deliver water to the root of plants, so much less is lost to the atmosphere.

✅ Add Florida-friendly plants. 🌻
Florida-friendly landscaping is better suited to Florida’s growing conditions and requires less water to remain healthy.

✅ Use mulch. 🏡
This helps retain soil moisture and prevents weed growth.

✅ Follow local irrigation requirements. 📅
Know the times and the days of the week you can water your lawn, based on year-round irrigation ordinances in your area.

Sprinkler close up


CONSERVE WATER ALL YEAR-ROUND: The South Florida Water Management District and many local counties and municipalities established year-round irrigation restrictions to help protect our water supply. These restrictions are designed to reduce unnecessary irrigation while still allowing enough water to maintain healthy landscapes year-round. Visit SFWMD.gov/LandscapeIrrigation to learn more about irrigation restrictions and view recommended run times for your sprinkler system.

To learn more about the ways you can conserve water and protect the region’s water resources, visit SFWMD.gov/WaterConservation.

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