Irrigation Residential Rebate Program

Up to 50% of potable water goes toward residential irrigation. By upgrading inefficient irrigation systems, members will save money and preserve Florida’s water supply.


  • Must be a current residential BSU water customer
  • Inground irrigation system must be connected to the Utility’s water supply. Well systems do not qualify.
  • WaterSense® labeled Irrigation Controller rebates require an inspection, which must be scheduled and completed within 60 days of application. Rain Sensors are subject to inspection at BSU’s discretion.
  • Rebates will only apply to the cost of the product and not the cost of installation. Rebates are available on a first come, first-serve basis.
  • The rebate per item will not exceed the receipt amount. Rebates will be credited to the member’s account.
  • Customers are eligible for either an irrigation controller rebate or a rain sensor rebate, not both.
  • This program is for replacement only; new construction is not eligible.

Terms of WaterSense® labeled Irrigation Controller Rebate

  • Maximum rebate of $100
  • Members must be replacing a non-weather-based irrigation controller with a soil moisture-based or weather-based WaterSense® labeled irrigation controller only.
  • Sensor-based controllers are required to be connected to an operating weather or soil moisture-based sensor prior to submission.
  • Signal-based controllers require year-round Wi-Fi and connection to a smart device prior to submission.
  • All smart watering features must be enabled, e.g. predictive rain technology, controller suggested runtimes, rain skip, etc.
  • VERIFY before you buy. Only WaterSense® labeled irrigation controllers qualify.
  • Learn about WaterSense® labeled products:
  • Search for qualifying WaterSense® labeled products: or look for the label.

Terms of Rain Sensor Rebate

  • Maximum rebate of $50, limit of one rebate per household.

Apply Here

Contact Courtney Stevenson at 239-390-4919 or with any questions.