Hurricane Preparedness Week: May 5 – 11, 2024

The annual Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1, and it is important for all of us living in Florida to plan ahead and start our pre-season preparations.

National Hurricane Preparedness Week kicks off on Sunday, May 5, serving as an important reminder to all of us to begin proactively preparing for whatever nature may send our way this season.

Did you know there are simple steps you can take now to prepare your home for hurricane season and help reduce the risk of flooding in your community?

•Making sure drainage gates, ditches and swales in your neighborhood are clear of debris.
•Trimming your trees and removing dead vegetation in your yard. Do not trim trees if a major storm is in the forecast.
•Securing and storing objects that can easily blow away.
•Checking your community retention pond or lake for obstructed pipes and contact the appropriate authority for removal (could be your HOA, city, county, or local drainage district).
•Making a personal plan for hurricane preparedness: stocked emergency kit, know your zone and evacuation route and walk through your plan with the household.

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Water conservation is even more important during and after a hurricane
Wastewater systems can become strained due to flooding and/or no power. Reducing your water usage helps reduce wastewater system strain. Avoid unnecessary toilet flushing and turn off your water faucets when not in use. Avoid using dishwashers and washing machines until conditions improve.

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