Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions below to read answers to our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for more information.

How can I find my account number?

Your account number is a combination of your Location number and your Customer Number and is shown on your bill; it is the number that starts with the letter “L,” is followed by six numbers, then the letter “C”, then seven numbers.

How do I change my mailing address?

Complete the Change of Address Form online.

If we're away for an extended time, can our bill be sent to an alternate address?

Yes. Please note the new address on the return portion of your bill.

Can deposits be waived for owners and when is a deposit refunded?

If you are an owner, your deposit will be eligible for refund after 12 months of continuous service unless:

  • You have had a check returned by your bank for insufficient funds
  • You have been disconnected for non-payment
  • You have had late payments
  • You are served by a master meter

Refunds are not automatically processed, please call the office to request a refund.

A property owner may have the deposit requirement waived by providing a letter of credit, including payment record, from another utility company. The deposit may also be waived if the property owner signs up for automatic bank draft payments. Deposit waivers are not offered to those renting their homes.

Can we pre-pay our account?

Yes, by using any of our five payment methods.

What is the utility's billing cycle?

Bills are issued monthly and there are four billing cycles every month. Each statement typically covers from 27 to 33 days. Due dates vary according to your billing cycle.