Drinking Water Initiative

BSU Water. Try it over ice.

The choice of BSU drinking water over bottled water is clear – it’s refreshing, affordable and the environmentally responsible choice.
Quench your thirst with BSU water.

Do you know…

  • That BSU water is award-winning? We have won the honor of best-tasting drinking water in our area by the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association numerous times.
  • A gallon of BSU water costs only four cents? We deliver 1,000 gallons for $3.92 and it’s accessible to you 24/7. That’s not only a great deal, it’s also incredibly convenient! What did you pay for your last 16-oz bottle of water from the store?
  • Where all the plastic is going? According to the EPA, only around 9% of plastic in the U.S. is actually recycled, including the plastics that are specifically put into recycling bins.

Tap into Health


Drinking water is good for you. Tap into health by replacing sugary drinks, such as soda, with water instead. Doing so can help keep you fit and avoid thousands of calories. Children can especially benefit from drinking more water. Drinking water helps fight childhood obesity and improve childhood nutrition.


We want our members to know that they have a source of healthy, high quality drinking water right out of their own faucets. BSU’s water is routinely tested and must meet stringent water quality standards. Members can learn the results of those tests as they are contained in the BSU’s annual Consumer Confidence Report, also known as the Annual Water Quality Report. Comparatively, bottled water companies are not required to meet the same water quality standards and are not required to provide the results of their water quality tests to consumers.

girl drinking tap water
Piggy bank next to glass of water

Tap into Savings


Drinking tap water is an excellent value. We provide convenient, great-tasting water delivered right to your home, 24 hours a day. The price of bottled water simply can’t compare to BSU drinking water.

Tap into Environment


Going green is as easy as drinking BSU water. Drinking BSU water protects our environment by reducing solid waste and energy consumption, as well as the associated pollution created by single use plastic bottles.


The environmental cost of single-use plastic bottles is staggering. By drinking BSU water out of refillable bottles, you are making an environmentally responsible choice.

Water in Glass