BSU conducts yearly water treatment change during May

Bonita Springs Utilities Inc. is conducting its yearly change to the water treatment process May 1-21 as a preventative-maintenance measure. Members may notice a temporary and harmless difference in the smell or taste of their tap water.

“This annual water treatment change helps prevent bacteria from developing resistance during the usual disinfectant treatment process,” said Andy Koebel, BSU director of operations. “Despite a temporary change to the smell and taste, the water is still safe to drink and use for general household purposes.”

By temporarily switching to a free chlorine residual, BSU removes the small amount of ammonia that is used during the usual water disinfection process to prevent bacterial resistance. The change ensures that BSU’s water continues to remain clean, safe and drinkable.

Water used for kidney dialysis and aquariums should go through different filtering during this water treatment change. BSU recommends those using at-home kidney dialysis machines contact their equipment suppliers, so proper filtering equipment can be installed. Tropical fish and aquatic animal owners should check with tropical fish stores to learn how to pretreat tap water before adding it to tanks.

To help the treated water reach the entire system as quickly as possible, fire hydrants will be flushed more often than normal throughout the three weeks. Members who have questions about the process can call BSU at 239-992-0711 or email

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