Applications, Forms & Documents

Applications and Forms
Turnover Documents
Food Service Establishment Specifications, Details and Forms

Standard forms used for the planning, design and construction of new infrastructure to be connected to the BSU utility system.

Application to Construct

Fire Flow/Flush Request

Application to Construct – Fire Line

Deviation Request Form

Hydrostatic Test Report

BSU Water Meter Sizing Per AWWA M22 3rd Edition

FDEP Permit Information Sheet

Uni-Bell Uni-B-96 Airtest Data Sheet

Construction Meter Application

Capacity Availability Certification Request

Request for New Meter Installation

Standard documents required in order to contribute infrastructure to be incorporated into the BSU utility system.

Owners Affidavit

Utility Facility Subordination, Consent and Joinder

Grant of Utility Easement

Engineer Certification Form

Attorney Affidavit

Bill of Sale and Warranty

Requirements Checklist

BSU Contributory Assets Template

All food service establishments must comply with necessary pre-treatment standards to prevent the introduction of grease into BSU’s wastewater collection system.

Requirements for direct and indirect contributors into the BSU wastewater collection and treatment system:

Application for Non-Domestic Wastewater Service

BSU Non- Domestic Wastewater Service and Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Standard Specifications

Oil Sand Separator Maintenance Card

Engineer Certification Form