Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and WaterSmart

As part of the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system, members have access to WaterSmart, an online portal that offers access to detailed information about household or business water use.

AMI + WaterSmart = Customer Intel and Control


AMI is an integrated system of advanced water meters, radio communication channels and data management for water and wastewater utilities to capture detailed usage data near real-time. The data can also be used during a storm to detect areas of concern more quickly.


WaterSmart’s Customer Portal gives utility customers access to detailed analysis of their water use and self-service solutions. It is a single place for customers to get context on their water use, check for and resolve leaks, get customized water-saving recommendations to reduce monthly bills, sign up for paperless billing, submit forms, and view targeted messages about events and programs.

Register today in three easy steps for your free access to WaterSmart:

1. Visit bsu.watersmart.com.
2. Enter your account number.
3. Enter your email address and create a password.

Member Benefits

  • Sign up for notifications: high use, bill forecast and unplanned use.
  • Choose from customized water-saving tips to avoid a high bill in the future.
  • Learn how to view and track your usage, and identify typical household leaks.
  • Review historical water usage.
  • Evaluate your bill, online, any time, from anywhere.
  • Access BSU’s rebate programs with the touch of a button, and apply.

To learn more about WaterSmart, watch the explainer video below.