Account Activity & Miscellaneous Service Charges

If both water and wastewater services are provided, only a single charge is collected, unless circumstances require otherwise.

Normal Reconnection Charge Removal or reconnection at member request
$40.00 Disconnect $40.00 Reconnect
Violation Reconnection Charge Subsequent for disconnection for cause
$50.00 – normal work hours
$135.00 – after hours & weekends
Transfer Fees Cost to transfer existing service to new member
Late Payment Fee Greater of 1% of past due amount or $5.00
Reimbursement for Extra Expenses Consumer reimbursement to Company for extra
expenses incurred due to Consumer’s violation of
Rules & Regulations. Customer to be advised prior to
Company rendering service
Check for Misread &/or Leak or
Re-Read per Customer Request or
Water Service Line Locate or
Re-Read Due to Obstruction
by customer or
Other related and similar activities
$70.00 – normal work hours
$150.00 – after hours & weekends
Meter Tampering Charge Greater of 3 times amount of services unlawfully
obtained or $3,000
Construction Water $80.00 – connect and disconnect
$4.40 per 1,000 gallons used
Plan Review & Inspection Fees Greater of 1.0% of cost of proposed utility infrastructure
or $835.00
Warranty Expiration Televising $1.25 per linear foot of gravity lines ($250/ min.)
Fire Flow Test $75.00 each time hydrant is tested
Sewer Tap Locate $35.00 – normal work hours
$85.00 – after hours & weekends
Grease Trap Fee $150.00 Initial plan review and inspection

For a listing of all charges, please see Water Tariffs or Wastewater Tariffs. For information about Special Service Charges, please see the Schedule of Special Service Charges.